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Takeru Satoh as Domon Kasshu (G-Gundam) by attaturk5 Takeru Satoh as Domon Kasshu (G-Gundam) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 4 0 Hugo Weaving as General Alabaster (TwoKinds) by attaturk5 Hugo Weaving as General Alabaster (TwoKinds) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 0 0 Cole Sprouse as Kanji (Persona 4) by attaturk5 Cole Sprouse as Kanji (Persona 4) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 0 Isabelle Fuhrman as Cinder Fall (RWBY) by attaturk5 Isabelle Fuhrman as Cinder Fall (RWBY) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 4 0 Ruth Wilson and Adiane (TTGL) by attaturk5 Ruth Wilson and Adiane (TTGL) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 1 David Morse as Nikolai (Biohazard 3) by attaturk5 David Morse as Nikolai (Biohazard 3) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 0 5 Drew Roy as Kyon/John Smith (Haruhi Suzumiya) by attaturk5 Drew Roy as Kyon/John Smith (Haruhi Suzumiya) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 0 Alex Ludwig as Reinhardt (Castlevania 64) by attaturk5 Alex Ludwig as Reinhardt (Castlevania 64) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 2 0 Rinko Kikuchi as Mirai (Kemono Friends) by attaturk5 Rinko Kikuchi as Mirai (Kemono Friends) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 0 Jeremy Sisto as David Xanatos (Gargoyles) by attaturk5 Jeremy Sisto as David Xanatos (Gargoyles) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 7 2 Mia Wasikowska as Valkyrie Ghost (UFO Princess) by attaturk5 Mia Wasikowska as Valkyrie Ghost (UFO Princess) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 0 Jimmy Bennett as Mello (Death Note) by attaturk5 Jimmy Bennett as Mello (Death Note) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 2 0 Maisie Williams as Near (Death Note) by attaturk5 Maisie Williams as Near (Death Note) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 2 0 Kaban-Chan by attaturk5 Kaban-Chan :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 2 0 Serval-chan by attaturk5 Serval-chan :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 2 0 Chow Yun-Fat as Master Asia (G-Gundam) by attaturk5 Chow Yun-Fat as Master Asia (G-Gundam) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 1


.:The crew #1.: by Bluerm .:The crew #1.: :iconbluerm:Bluerm 36 2 Art Gift - Black Lagoon Revy by Sydrianxoxo Art Gift - Black Lagoon Revy :iconsydrianxoxo:Sydrianxoxo 46 7 Jean (Shingeki no Kyojin) by Duran-F Jean (Shingeki no Kyojin) :iconduran-f:Duran-F 28 2 Kakyoin Noriaki Pokemon Trainer by Otakusuke Kakyoin Noriaki Pokemon Trainer :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 3 0 Pokemon Trainer: Joseph Joestar by Otakusuke Pokemon Trainer: Joseph Joestar :iconotakusuke:Otakusuke 3 0 hideout 2 by DoodleBozo hideout 2 :icondoodlebozo:DoodleBozo 56 4 Eren by Egenysh Eren :iconegenysh:Egenysh 21 0 Mikoto Misaka Survey Corps Uniform by MisakaLovesYou Mikoto Misaka Survey Corps Uniform :iconmisakalovesyou:MisakaLovesYou 11 0 Menacing - Jotaro Kujo by Rungner Menacing - Jotaro Kujo :iconrungner:Rungner 17 0 k an o by shiizuzuuu k an o :iconshiizuzuuu:shiizuzuuu 36 4 Yellow's Birthday by ShiroAB Yellow's Birthday :iconshiroab:ShiroAB 23 0 Trio by ShiroAB Trio :iconshiroab:ShiroAB 15 0 The Soulmate by reiquant The Soulmate :iconreiquant:reiquant 66 37 She has to overcome great fear by darthplegias She has to overcome great fear :icondarthplegias:darthplegias 38 11 Hakase by Yilx Hakase :iconyilx:Yilx 78 5 My Ears? by RedCoaster My Ears? :iconredcoaster:RedCoaster 37 3


Takeru Satoh as Domon Kasshu (G-Gundam)
Domon Kasshu the King of Hearts is the main protagonist of Mobile Fighter G-Gundam. A brash, arrogant, at times overly emotional and hot blooded young man. Domon is the fighter for Neo Japan during the course of the series, although his real mission is the destruction of the Dark Gundam and the rescue of his brother Kyoji who serves as it's mind. He's almost single-mindedly committed to his mission sometimes even to the detriment of his personal relationships, although he has very strong defensive instructs towards his friends. Domon is an incredibly accomplished martial artist (In both hand to hand combat as well as sword fighting) being trained by the legendary Master Asia and eventually being able to kill him, although he is not always the smartest person being much more of a fighter than a thinker. 

Takers Satoh is known for his roles as Rider Ryotaro Nogami in Kamen Rider Den-O and as heroic former assassin Himura Kenshin in the Ruroni Kenshin live action film series. Both of which were great action roles where he easily proved himself a very capable action lead and showed off some great sword fighting stunts while playing Kenshin and a number of different weapons as Ryotaro. Ryotaro also had a number of his various personalities that carried various elements of Domon in them, so i think this would be a very easy role for him to do. 
Hugo Weaving as General Alabaster (TwoKinds)
General Albion Alabaster is the main villain of the Bastian Islands arc of TwoKinds. The Intelligence General he is the 3rd most powerful person in the country and nominally the smartest person in the country. A mean, arrogant old man he's responsible for Keith's banishment and the murder of his mother. He remains deeply hateful of him, even more so since he's returned to the islands. Alabaster is part of the cabal of bastians involved in the grand plans of the Templar, which gave him access to magic. Since his mind wasn't meant to handle magic he went crazy and attempted to kill Trace himself against orders which lead to his death. 

Hugo Weaving (The Matrix/For Vendetta/Captain America) is a wonderful Australian actor who has proven himself extremely capable of being a crazy villain and an authoritative villain. His portrayal of Agent Smith in The Matrix trilogy is legendary. Smith also went from a powerful government official (or enforcer) into a lunatic in a somewhat similar arc to Alabaster. He also has the presence and the name recognition to play a main arc villain. 
Cole Sprouse as Kanji (Persona 4)
Kanji Tatsumi is a member of the investigation team in Persona 4. A large imposing looking and quick to anger delinquent he has a reputation all over the town. His family owns the local textile shop and he has a great passion for sewing and needle work but will always seem to be embarrassed by it, since it's not what a 'true man' would do and get incredibly defensive over his interests. Kanji dresses in a punk sort of way with skull accessories and sunglasses. Shadow Kanji is a flamboyantly gay seductor who dances around shirtless with makeup for all to see. Whether normal Kanji is gay is never stated but he seems to claim that he is in fact straight and his other self was a reflection of his more stereotypical feminine hobbies. 

I had originally made this pick months ago after watching Persona 4 the animation but I wasn't really satisfied with it so I never uploaded it, I wasn't convened Cole could really play the 'normal kanji' all that well but after all the great reviews of his performance as Jughead in Riverdale I thought I would reconsider this. Riverdale's version of Jughead is much darker than he appears in the comics and is more of a angsty social outcast, which seems like a great thing on your resume to play a high school delinquent. Cole is also pretty big and has the muscles to pull off the role too. He is a lot older than the character is but I do think he could easily play younger if needed.    
Isabelle Fuhrman as Cinder Fall (RWBY)
Cinder Fall is the main antagonist of RWBY seasons 2 and 3 (I've only seen up the end of season 2 since i watched on Netflix and not youtube but i wanted to try and cast her from what i saw and from the spoilers i've ended up reading waiting from netflix to have the next season) Cinder is the leader of a terrorist cell operating all over remnant and behind the actions of the thief Roman Torchwick. Cinder is the mastermind of the operation and seems to be the one with the grand plan. Her skills are incredibly varied including everything from infiltration to archery along with her great abilities at manipulation. She is mysterious seemingly purpose keeping all her subordinates are a need to know basis. While her actually powers are seemingly unstoppable she is bad with errors and when things don't go as planned she seems to fall apart. 

When i wanted to find someone who i knew could play creepy and evil i immediately went with Isabelle Fuhrman from Orphan. She did such a masterful job as an extremely creepy manipulative villain as Esther that i think she would do amazing at portraying Cinder. She was also in The Hunger Games as Clove, one of the careers, and showed off some great fighting ability in that role so i know she can do the action part as well as the disturbing scheming part of the role. I think if she did a combination of Clove and Esther and gave it a lot more force and confidence it would be a great way to play Cinder. 
Ruth Wilson and Adiane (TTGL)
( an old pick from 2010) 

Admiral Adiane the Elegant is one of the four supreme generals of the spiral king. She's an aquatic scorpion genetically mutated into a woman about about 30. A violent psychotic hothead she wishes to avenge the death of her lover at the hands of Kamina and team Dai Gurren and will do anything and use almost any tactic to do it (including kidnapping and manipulation). While a powerful warrior and a competent commander She, however, is not the greatest at planning and underestimates her enemies until the very last moment. 

Ruth Wilson is an english actress known for her role as likable serial killer Alice Morgan on BBC's Luther, where she did a great job at a playing crazy murder and showing her self to be very capable of action roles. I think she'd should easily also play the military aspect of Adiane as well as her propensity for violence. 
David Morse as Nikolai (Biohazard 3)
(an old pick from 2008) 

Nikolai Zinoviev Is the main villain in resident evil 3. A former Russian commando Masquerading as a mere sergeant in the umbrella containment corps he is in reality in their elite intelligence corps. Assigned to evaluate the nemesis project along with all the combat potential of zombies. He is to remain in Raccoon City until it falls. His mission brings him in confrontation with Stars members Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivira who he left for dead during their escape. Nikolai is psychopathic and cares about nothing except himself to the extent of being suspected of killing his own people himself. 

Even in 2008 David was a little on the old side for this role, but he had done a lot of great action movies as the villain or one of the villains 16 Blocks (as a dirty cop,) 12 Monkeys, (as an evil doctor) and The Rock ( as marine special forces.)  He’s also huge and tough looking so I bet he could do it. With the right make up job and costume he could easily be believable as a fit mercenary. 

Drew Roy as Kyon/John Smith (Haruhi Suzumiya)
(an old pick from 2009) 

As a kid Kyon enjoyed stories of the supernatural and of the pulp heroes who lived in them. He out grew those interests eventually and decided the world is the way it is. In high school he met the eccentric Haruhi Suzumiya and was discovered to be the only person who could make an emotional connection with her. Haruhi was actually some sort of supernatural god like entity with various groups wanting her under observation. Kyon became invaluable to all of them because of his close relationship with Haruhi. As a result his life has become a crazy and dangerous adventure involving things like cheating death and time travels. He maintains a tired rather tsundere attitude to his adventures doing them simply because they need to be done. 

Drew Roy's action hero credentials come from his role as teenage post apocalyptic solider Hal Mason on Falling Skies. Hal's attitude is usually much more engaged and seems to be having a lot more fun than Kyon, (which is probably how Kyon is actually feeling much of the time) but he had a lot of more somber emotional scenes which would make really easy to see him pulling off Kyon's outward attitude. Also Drew has the perfect build to play someone like Kyon not to big but fit looking and capable. 

Alex Ludwig as Reinhardt (Castlevania 64)
Reinhardt Schneider (the protagonist of Castlevania 64) is a descendant of the famous belmont Clan who takes up the fight against evil despite his differing name. Because of his name people didn't believe he was capable of filling the shoes of previous Belmont Vampire Hunters and Reinhardt was forced to train harder and try to become stronger than his predecessors making him probably the hardest working and most highly trained of the series protagonists, even if he lacks the pure ferocity of his immediate predecessor (series wise) Richter Belmont. Reinhardt is also much more introspective and less fanatical about fighting evil to the point of falling for a woman who had already been turned.

Alexander Ludwig (Vikings/The Hunger Games) was originally someone i was considering for Richter, but i think he would make an equally good if not better Reinhardt. Alex has done an amazing job in vikings as post time skip Bjorn Ironside, who is a super badass who has dome some truly amazing melee fight scenes with the types of weapons used in Castlevania. He's also done a great job at being introspective. Alex's final scene in The Hunger Games was a very well performed monologue about about society and his character. 
Rinko Kikuchi as Mirai (Kemono Friends)
Mirai was the Park Guide and seemingly the most important one in Japari Park before and slightly after it was abounded. She fought against and studied the Ceruleans and tried to figure out a way to destroy them so the Friends would no longer be in danger. During the events of the game Mirai is an ally in defeating the first round of Ceruleans and taking back the park. She remained as the park guide even after all the others humans had fled and kept trying to save the park for good. Eventually she herself had to flee for safety. Mirai is a caring person who wanted to keep Friends and animals safe, and seems to be also a very fun loving woman who enjoyed the moment. 

My ideas for casting Mirai was an older more physical version of Kaban. Kaban is basically her 'daughter' kind of. Rinko Kikuchi is the actresses who starred in Pacific Rim as Mecha Pilot Mako Mori, a character who was also a good combination of very smart and very badass. Mirai being the Park Guide needed to be played by someone who would be believable as traveling all over the island's various extreme climate conditions and who could coordinate the fight against the Ceruleans. I think since Rinko did so well as a military/paramilitary type she'd be very easily believable as someone who could do that. 
Jeremy Sisto as David Xanatos (Gargoyles)
Corporate Titan/Criminal Mastermind David Xanatos is the main villain of the Gargoyles cartoon serving as the arch nemesis of Goliath and occasionally a collaborator of Demona. A man with great scientific abilities (in fields from mechanical to biological entering) and absolutely no moral compass. He's willing to do or say anything to archive his goals going as far as manipulating his own wife for his ends. Even as a scientist He sees no problem seeking out the supernatural and the occult and using their powers. One of his main goals seems to be becoming an immortal being himself. Xanatos's main method of operation is masterful manipulation of both people and events by almost any means possible for almost any goal, but he is also not afraid of doing battle himself with the aid of various technical weapons of his own creation. In addition to his lack of morals he also seems to lack any ill will towards his enemies which would cause him to want revenge. He simply presses on. 

Okay so first off Jeremy is going to need to lose some weight to be able to take the role. Once he's back to his build from Law and Order i think he'd be physically perfect. Jeremy is a very underrated actor known mostly for his roles in HBO's Six Feet Under as violent schizophrenic Billy Chenoweth and in Law and Order as homicide detective Cyrus Lupo (proving his capabilities for Noir). He also did an amazing job as a manipulative villain in Julius Cesar in the title role, where he showcased his abilities for the wealthy mastermind type of villain and his version of caesar was someone who was determined to make a name for himself by any means necessary much like Xanatos. I certainly think the combination of all of these roles proves he has what it would take to play Xanatos. 


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