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Michael B Jordon as Toguro (YYH) by attaturk5 Michael B Jordon as Toguro (YYH) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 3 1 Lin Yun as Miki Makimura (Devilman) by attaturk5 Lin Yun as Miki Makimura (Devilman) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 4 0 Jane Oineza as Asuka Langley Soryu (NGE) by attaturk5 Jane Oineza as Asuka Langley Soryu (NGE) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 3 0 Richardo Hoyos as Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh) by attaturk5 Richardo Hoyos as Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 2 0 Jimmy Bennett as Akira Fudo (Devilman) by attaturk5 Jimmy Bennett as Akira Fudo (Devilman) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 2 2 Marion Cotillard as Raven Branwen (RWBY) by attaturk5 Marion Cotillard as Raven Branwen (RWBY) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 0 Brenton Thwaites as Kyo Kusanagi (KOF) by attaturk5 Brenton Thwaites as Kyo Kusanagi (KOF) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 3 2 Will Yun Lee as Hajime Saito (RuroKen) by attaturk5 Will Yun Lee as Hajime Saito (RuroKen) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 0 Kento Yamazaki as Shinji Ikari (NGE) by attaturk5 Kento Yamazaki as Shinji Ikari (NGE) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 5 0 Isabelle Fuhrman as Stocking (P/S/G) by attaturk5 Isabelle Fuhrman as Stocking (P/S/G) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 1 Alex Lawther as Itsuki Koizumi (TMOHS) by attaturk5 Alex Lawther as Itsuki Koizumi (TMOHS) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 2 0 Lana Condor as Karou Kamiya (RuroKen) by attaturk5 Lana Condor as Karou Kamiya (RuroKen) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 0 Aya Ueto as Chun-Li (Street Fighter) by attaturk5 Aya Ueto as Chun-Li (Street Fighter) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 2 0 Ben Barnes as Simon Belmont (Captain N) by attaturk5 Ben Barnes as Simon Belmont (Captain N) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 0 Guillermo Diaz as Rabou (Noragami) by attaturk5 Guillermo Diaz as Rabou (Noragami) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 2 0 Seychelle Gabriel as Flora (TwoKinds) by attaturk5 Seychelle Gabriel as Flora (TwoKinds) :iconattaturk5:attaturk5 1 1


Alycia Debnam-Carey as Cordelia by MZimmer1985 Alycia Debnam-Carey as Cordelia :iconmzimmer1985:MZimmer1985 34 22 Winston Duke as Balrog by MZimmer1985 Winston Duke as Balrog :iconmzimmer1985:MZimmer1985 23 10 Pumaman re-design by DamionS Pumaman re-design :icondamions:DamionS 3 1 Mark Addy as Juzo Megure (Detective Conan) by ThomasAnime Mark Addy as Juzo Megure (Detective Conan) :iconthomasanime:ThomasAnime 1 1 0502 (Evangelion) One mind by Knight-of-crimson 0502 (Evangelion) One mind :iconknight-of-crimson:Knight-of-crimson 4 0 The End Of Evangelion by ZombieCentipede The End Of Evangelion :iconzombiecentipede:ZombieCentipede 8 0 Katsucon - Asuka and Shinji by MeganCoffey Katsucon - Asuka and Shinji :iconmegancoffey:MeganCoffey 76 1 Naoki Miki  Takeya Yuki by DrawDill Naoki Miki Takeya Yuki :icondrawdill:DrawDill 15 3 RYF: Long Overdue Reunion by XGP-Nataku RYF: Long Overdue Reunion :iconxgp-nataku:XGP-Nataku 4 0 Sisters by hanukara Sisters :iconhanukara:hanukara 77 8 RE:CV - Steve and Claire by Duplisgoof RE:CV - Steve and Claire :iconduplisgoof:Duplisgoof 28 19 Batman Who Laughs by sia1965pak Batman Who Laughs :iconsia1965pak:sia1965pak 29 0 Kakyoin Noriaki by sasocho99 Kakyoin Noriaki :iconsasocho99:sasocho99 33 2 Neko Day~ by sasocho99 Neko Day~ :iconsasocho99:sasocho99 22 3 Back on track by mago-negro-Reborn Back on track :iconmago-negro-reborn:mago-negro-Reborn 52 5 Yang xiao Long by Arthur1711 Yang xiao Long :iconarthur1711:Arthur1711 5 0
I've been doing a lot of alts for awhile, so i'm gonna try and work on some new projects. 

Darling in The Franxx started out amazing, so i'm gonna try to start on that and King of Fighters and Devilman. 

I'm gonna try and finish up YuYu Haksho and Fate Zero and get into Rurouni Kenshin season 2. 

If anyone else has any requests for things just lemme know ^_^


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C. MacBeth
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Scots-Irish fan caster and occasional fan artist, loves anime and manga. Welcome to my page of fan casting and dress up games for whatever show or thing i'm into at the moment.



Michael B Jordon as Toguro (YYH)
Once a master human martial artist and companion of Genkai, Toguro and his older brother decide to abandon humanity after watching the full power of demons during the Dark Tournament, obtaining demonhood and immortality he ends up becoming much stronger than he was capable of as a human, but also much more evil.  Eventually he became the ruthless boss of the Apparition Gang who serve as the supernatural mercenaries of Sakyo of the Black Book Club. Cold and emotionless he kills whoever and whatever he's ordered to with as much furiously as he can. 

So i've been waiting for a good role for Michael B Jordan in honor of Black Panther. Since Michael himself is a huge fan of anime i thought it was only fitting that i needed to give him a really infamous character to play. Togo as one of the biggest villains of Yuyu Hakasho is certainly a big enough role that it would be a good one to honor him with. Michael B Jordan is of course the american actor who plays Erik Kllmonger in Black Panther and played Creed in Creed, in both cases he did an amazing job with some wonderful fight scenes which would be perfect for something like Yuyu Hakasho. 
Lin Yun as Miki Makimura (Devilman)
Miki Makimura is the childhood friend and love interest of Akira Fudo. A lively girl with a well developed sense of right and wrong she is known for getting into fights and has achieved the nickname of Miki the Hands, for years she had spent her time protecting Akira for those would take advantage of his timidity to pick fights with him, while confused at Akira's personality changes when he becomes Devilman she starts to visibly fall in love with him more when she no longer feels like she needs to be the one protecting him. 

dinasaher23 requested i find a role for Lin Yun aka Jelly Lin the Chinese actress from The Mermaid and L.O.R.D Legend of Ravaging Dynasties. Lin is supposed to be a very good up and coming actress and in both L.O.R.D and the upcoming Fight Break Sphere she plays heroic marital artists in supernatural fantasy stories. Her character in L.O.R.D actually being a good spirit evoked for protection, so playing Miki is certainly something that seems to be in her wheelhouse and something that she should be good at and she's the same age as my picks for Akira and Ryo. 
Jane Oineza as Asuka Langley Soryu (NGE)
Asuka Langley Soryu, is the famous 2nd child of NERV's chosen children generally considered to be the most skilled and certainly is the one with the most advanced and vigorous training. As a young girl Asuka made a promise that she would abandon childhood and become an adult so that she could take care of herself, in trying to live her life by that promise to herself she spent all her time studying and training to become an Evangelion pilot so she could prove herself worthy of her family name, but emotionally still a child her attempts to become an adult all seem to end in failure. 

LiaoXingyang requested i find a role for Jane Oineza from the filipino psychological horror films Amorosa and The Haunted Forest. I've gotten numerous complaints over the years about having talked about four different white blondes as Asuka when she is canonically biracial, so this actually came to mind immediately. Jane is Filipino Creole A mix of Ilocanos and hispanic origins, so not exactly Asuka's anime ethnic background, but probably as close as i am going to get. So besides Jane filling the requirement for playing one of the chosen children of having a background in psychological horror, she did a wonderful job in a biopic of the olympic weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz, doing very well at being a super competitive athlete.  
Richardo Hoyos as Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh)
Seto Kaiba has always been a master strategist and a master manipulator. As a child he challenged the arms dealer Kaiba to a game of chess with the condition that if he won Kaiba would adopt him and his brother and leave them his fortune, he won and soon after his adopted father died leaving him control of his empire. Seto however is a greenly good person and he repurposed the company from making weapons to making video games. Nearly competitive and never willing to settle, as a teenager he turned his ambition to taking the title of "King of Games" away from Yugi Motoh, who remained his rival for years and years to come. 

GealicEvaPilot requested Yugioh awhile ago and this is a good turning point cast for that, i've gotten several complaints over my picks for Yugi and Joey being off in some manner and my new alts from them are older and so for my pick for Kaiba i wanted to go and find an actor who is about the same age as my new picks. That brought me to Richardo "Ricky" Hoyos from Degrassi. Richard played ex-gang member Zig Novak on Degrassi a role where she showed both the right amount and both cold and fiery types of anger and rage that are some of Kaiba's trademarks, as well as later in the series showing off a good amount of pride too. 
Jimmy Bennett as Akira Fudo (Devilman)
Akira Fudo is the main character of the Devilman Franchise and the titular superhero. A very strong willed boy, he had always stood up for what he believed in even if he wasn't the type of person who was strong enough to win a fight or someone comfortable with hurting others. (As described by Satan he is a young warrior of pure heart, the kind of person who could fuse with a demon and remain the dominant personality) He is approached by Ryo Asuka with a plea of sharing his father's legacy and fighting demons, something he is happy to accept because Ryo was his childhood friend and if destiny brought them together as friends it fated him to try and become a demon/human hybrid, once fused he becomes Devilman, a much more sadistic version of himself. 

So first off for my collage i went with a picture of Jimmy which was kind of half way between pre devilman Akira and Akira once fused with Amon, for good Jimmy Bennett looks for those: pre amon… post amon:… and… okay so Jimmy Bennett was an amazingly talented child actor known for No Ordinary Family and Perception, but as of late he's been appearing more in his new public persona as a grunge rocker and playing more horror and noir acting roles in films like Murder in The First (as a mass shooter), A Girl Like Her (a decent horror art film) and Bosch (as a homeless petty criminal), so i'm confident that this would be a good role for him. 
Marion Cotillard as Raven Branwen (RWBY)
Raven Brenwen is the long 'missing' mother of Yang of team RWBY. A very dangerous woman, she abandoned beacon (and her family for being Ozpin's supporters) and what it represented as being dangerous and soft. She eventually became a kind of crazed social darwinist who believes that only the strong can survive in the world and therefore only the strong can hope to fight evil and destroy it. Her own faction is called the Branwen Tribe a group of like mind criminals who exist outside of normal society even though they are also enemies of Salem. 

Marion Cotillard is the French Actress known for her roles in The Dark Knight Rises and Allied. While her appearance was spoiled way far in advance she did an amazing job at playing Talia Al Ghoul in The Dark Knight Rises (Along Tom Hardy who is also my pick for Qrow) and Talia i think shares a lot of beliefs and also a lot of personality traits with Raven. Marion also did a wonderful job in Allied as an SS Officer where she had a lot of really great really fast paced fight scenes, that show her abilities as an action star are really quite good. 
Brenton Thwaites as Kyo Kusanagi (KOF)
Kyo Kusanagi is the main Protagonist of The King of Fighters. The current heir of the Kusanagi clan and master of their pyrokentic powers, he is considered the family's best fighter in a very long time. Kyo is usually seen as a cocky delinquent who doesn't really seem to care about anything expect his girlfriend and his motorcycle, that said he is a rather duty bound individual and despite discounting the idea of destiny feels a personal desire to carry out the fights that he is supposed to be a part of more for his own sense of preserving justice that anything else. 

Brenton Thwaites was not originally the first person to come to mind for this but then i read that he has been cast as Dick Grayson for the new live action Teen Titans series and that ended up really intriguing me, i suppose eventually i'll do a recast with my original thoughts for Kyo and Iori but for now i'm using Brenton as my jumping off point. Knightwing is usually considered one of DC's best marital artists and he is also a biker just like Kyo is and Brenton also did a good job as an action lead in Gods of Egypt and showed off some great drama skills in The Giver. 
Will Yun Lee as Hajime Saito (RuroKen)
During the revolution Hajime Saito was a captain of the Shinsengumi, known for his mastery of his own sword style, and as Kenshin's most notorious rival. He lived by a very simple code 'kill evil immediately' and he respected that his enemies lived by that same code, after the war ended he faked his death and eventually became one of the police's top undercover officers. Arrogant and cold he attempts to remain by his moral code even when faced with the changing world, he has a lot of disdain for Kenshin's new moral code thinking of it as childish and foolish to abandon killing. 

Will Yun Lee is the Korean martial artist and actor known for playing the villains in Die Another Day and Elektra. I've been watching a lot of Altered Carbon so iv'e been spending a lot of time with Will playing a different type of character than the stereotypical asian villains he has seemed to make his career on, Takashi Kovacs is a tough as nails idealist and even if he does questionable terroristy things it's for a cause he feels is very just and that ended up reminding me a lot of Saito's personality so i thought this would indeed make a good pick. 
Aya Ueto as Chun-Li (Street Fighter)
Chun-Li is a legendary Officer of Interpol, known for her skill with Kung Fu and her grit and determination. After her father was killed on the job infiltrating Shadaloo, she decided that it was now her mission to do so and finally bring the syndicate down and to do that she needed to compete in and win the World Warrior tournament instead of one of Bison's people. Chun-Li despite being motivated by revenge is very duty bound and not one to rush into bad decisions because of her grief, she is always resolute. 

As with me recast of Ryu with Yusuke, i had some criticism about my picks for Street Fighter being too young as they were aimed as an origin story instead of the canon ages from the games. Aya as one might have noticed is an actresses i like a lot and is probably one of the best people outside of someone known for Kung-Fu movies to play Chun-Li. Aya made her name originally as the titular assassin in the martial arts romances Azumi and Azumi Love or Death, and then later one she went to portray cocky professional athletes in Aim for The Ace and Attack No 1, which makes her perfect for Chun-Li cover identity for tournament entry. 
Kento Yamazaki as Shinji Ikari (NGE)
Shinji Ikari was the pride and joy of his mother Dr. Yui Ikari, until she decided to become a god. Abandoned by his father, Shinji was quickly labeled a 'problem child' for his lack of care for life and other people and his tendency to get into fights. Eventually he was ordered by his father to join The UN Taskforce NERV as the pilot of Evangelion Unit 1 as The Third Child. After his father threatened to kill the other pilot if Shinji didn't accept, he relented. Forced with his new position to be a solider to interact with humanity more, Shinji starts to loose his apathy and cold demeanor only to become more and more unstable and closer to insanity from the trauma of what he's doing. 

dinasaher23 requested I cast Kento Yamazaki who played L in the TV version of Death Note and as Josuke in Dimond is Unbreakable, while i did just recast Shinji based upon another request a month or so ago Kento really did seem like the perfect fit and i had been meaning to find an asian actor for Shinji for quite awhile. Shinji as a character is kind of a mix of the qualities which Kento showed so well as both L and Josuke. He has  some at least of L's intelligence and kind of low energy apathy and he does also have Josuke's violence in battle and kind of 'punk' attitude and times so it's a great mix. 


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